Just open: The Fever Club, Fortitude Valley

Natascha Mirosch
The Fever Club's ceiling features 35,000 LED lights.
The Fever Club's ceiling features 35,000 LED lights. 

The words 'underground' and 'disco' are certain to inspire a sigh of nostalgia in those of us old enough to remember when 'nightclubs' were 'discos' and dancing involved a lot of pointing.

Of course, ‘disco’ in the new millennium is a far more sophisticated concept, as exemplified by Damian Griffiths' new venture Fever Club, which opens tonight.

The 'king of Constance Street' – who also owns Limes Hotel, Alfred & Constance, Alfredo’s and Kwan Brothers, as well as Chester Street Kitchen in the Valley - named his new venue beneath A&C after Chicago's Fever Club, the original birthplace of house music.

The "dark, underground disco" is downstairs from Damian Griffith's Alfred & Constance.
The "dark, underground disco" is downstairs from Damian Griffith's Alfred & Constance. 

“The build itself has also been inspired by the Watergate club in Berlin, which is Euro discotheque at its finest,” said Griffiths. “There’s leather booth seating, great DJs, and the ceiling has an incredible LED light show. It’ll complement the White Lightning Tiki Bar upstairs, which is all bright colours and tropical fun. This is dark, underground and disco but with a real party vibe as well.”

Designer Alexander Lotersztain collaborated with Griffiths on the fit out.

“We wanted to bring the coolness of Berlin to the Valley,” he said. “Somewhere chic for people to have a drink and a dance under a dazzling ceiling filled with 35,000 LED lights that change in time with the music.”

According to Griffiths, he’ll be working on a number of collaborations with local promoters and creative collectives to keep the venue’s offerings fresh.

“Watch this space, as there are going to be some really interesting parties happening underground at A&C,” he added.

We’ll be dusting off our white stilettos in anticipation.

The Fever Club is at 132 Constance Street in the basement of Alfred & Constance.