New York's Dominique Ansel Cronut bakery shut following mouse video

Sad news, Cronut lovers: Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the trendy croissant-doughnut cross-over confection, has been temporarily shut down by the Department of Health.

The closing comes after a customer posted a video on YouTube on Thursday of a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor of the New York City bakery.

"The fact is that inspectors did not find a single mouse in the bakery when they visited yesterday," wrote Dominique Ansel Bakery spokeswoman Amy Ma in an email to the USA Today Network on Saturday.

"Instead, certain structural technicalities, such as any hole larger than the tip of a ball point pen, were cited as potential for 'infestation.' Each hole amounts to certain points and they used that to shut us down," she continued.

"The bakery was inspected in October and received an "A" rating, despite being cited for "evidence of mice."

"We will of course do everything that was required of us from the DOH, and rise out of this to be pristine for our customers, maintaining the highest standards," Ma said.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, run by Daniel Boulud's former executive pastry chef, is known for its much-coveted (and copied) Cronut -- a name the bakery has even trademarked because of culinary interpretations across the country. Ansel recently made news for unveiling his Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot at SXSW.

Ma says the bakery hopes to re-open Monday.

USA Today