Nigella Lawson's smashed avocado on toast episode

Kylie Northover
Nigella Lawson.
Nigella Lawson. Photo: Heidi Gutman

When is a recipe just, well, fancy toast?

This is the pressing issue du jour on social media after Nigella Lawson's new cookery program, Simply Nigella, aired in the UK on Monday night.

While the show, based on her book of the same name, promises "recipes that are uncomplicated, relaxed and yet always satisfying", Lawson presented a "recipe" that saw BBC viewers take to Twitter to vent their dismay.

What was the offending recipe? Avocado on toast.

Admittedly the domestic goddess doesn't just mash her avo directly on to cheap white toast (and no Vegemite in sight) - hers is delicately placed on rye bread, topped with chili flakes and lemon zest. But still, it's avo on toast and hundreds of her fans were not 'avin' it and with a few hours #avogate had become a thing on the social media platform.


Very Important Breakfast before I fly away (on wings of avocado toast, it would appear) #SimplyNigella

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Lawson also cooked up a feta and avocado salad, a gluten-free apricot and almond cake, lamb ribs and Thai prawn noodles in her new kitchen set - her first television outing since her messy public split from husband Charles Saatchi - but the debut of Simply Nigella will only, it seems, be remembered for her posh toast 'recipe'.