Noma Tokyo pop-up restaurant sells tableware and furnishings online

Jane Holroyd
One of the bowls available from Noma Tokyo's online fire-sale (food not included!).
One of the bowls available from Noma Tokyo's online fire-sale (food not included!). Photo: Satoshi Nagare

If you're unlikely to ever dine at Danish restaurant Noma, here's your chance to dine Noma-style at home.

Designer tableware and furnishings from the world's best restaurant's pop-up stint in Tokyo are being sold off in an online shop to help recoup some expenses from the five-week relocation.

Items for sale include handmade shelves for the princely sum of US$1750, handmade bowls, plates, cups, teapots and jugs as well as chopsticks and other utensils. A single set of black ebony chopsticks designed by Japanese artist Shiro Miura will set you back US$65.

Many items have already been snapped up wth the 3000 or so people who dined at Noma Tokyo being given first dibs – however many items remain on sale in an online shop, including a large jug at $65, and many forks and spoons fashioned from organic lacquer, but costing an impresive $200 each. Of the 30 lines available, 10 have already sold out.

Chef René Redzepi and team wowed Japanese and international diners at Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental from early January until February 14 with a winter menu that focused on local produce.

Two years in the planning, Arts & Science creative director Sonya Park was brought onboard to help curate Noma Tokyo's look, with 14 Japanese artists commissioned to design plateware. Tables and chairs were also designed and shipped from Danish furniture house Carl Hansen & Son. The furniture is also for sale, although those interested must contact Carl Hansen & Son directly.

Noma spokesman Ben Mervis said all plateware was being sold, except those items broken during service. "The money raised from the sale will help to pay off some of the costs of the relocation."

"The restaurant served around 55 people at two seatings a day (lunch and dinner), and diners and customers of the webshop alike have come from all over the world representing over 20 different countries in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas," he added. 

Noma's staff are now on holiday in Japan before they head back to Denmark in March to resume their former lives.

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