Outrage in the suburbs at stealth release of new Thermomix model

Lisa Visentin
The superseded Thermomix model.
The superseded Thermomix model. Photo: Supplied

The suburbs of middle Australia are seething with outrage after a cult kitchenware company neglected to inform its customers of the arrival of its latest model appliance.

Thermomix, a multifunction kitchen appliance, has faced a consumer backlash after its decision to release its new model, the TM5, without any prior warning triggered outrage among customers who had recently purchased the previous model.

Released on Saturday, the TM5 model costs $1989, only $50 more expensive than the TM3 model. Irate customers have flooded the Thermomix Facebook page, incensed that they were not advised about the impending arrival of the new model and demanding their money back.

Some complaints also noted that the price of the superseded model has since been reduced.


According to its website, Thermomix is "the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market" and does everything from steaming and chopping to emulsifying.

The collective outrage has coalesced around a change.org petition, which has gathered nearly 2000 signatures from customers demanding an explanation.

More than 2000 people have also joined a Thermomix Unhappy Customers Facebook page which bemoans the company’s decision to release "a new u-beaut, whizz bang, quieter, larger capacity, touch screen model" without adequate notice.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, Thermomix apologised to customers, telling them "[we] hope we can continue our Thermomix journey together".

"The Australian launch of the Thermomix Model 5 was conducted in line with global brand compliance in accordance with our distribution arrangements," the statement said.