Pizza Hut launches pizza with pies in the crust

Pizza hut Four'n Twenty stuffed crust pizza.
Pizza hut Four'n Twenty stuffed crust pizza. Photo: Supplied

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet.

As the nation recovers from the shock of Vegemite chocolate, fast food chain Pizza Hut has announced the latest product in its grand tradition of putting things inside other things: the Four'N Twenty stuffed crust pizza.

Pizza Hut Doritos crunchy crust pizza.
Pizza Hut Doritos crunchy crust pizza. Photo: Supplied

The pizza-pie was launched May 26 and will stick around for eight weeks, with the crust available on any pizza at any store nationally.

It includes eight party pies, one on the outside edge of each piece of pizza.

Pizza Hut Australia's head of marketing and innovation, Fatima Syed, hoped the behemoth of cheese and meat would become "Australia's favourite lovechild".

Pizza hut cheeseburger crust pizza.
Pizza hut cheeseburger crust pizza. Photo: Supplied

"Aussies love pizza and we love pies, so in a world first we've brought these two legendary foods together in the crust, the perfect combination for the heart of the footy season," she said.

Meanwhile, Stuart Smyth, head of marketing for Four'N Twenty, said his company had been excited to transplant their pies into a pizza.

"Trust me, you're going to enjoy this," he said.


So far, early adopters of the culinary curiosity have reported mixed results, and the online reaction to the Frankenfood has been equal parts admiration and disbelief.

The retailer has experimented with crusts in the past, famously - or infamously - putting cheeseburgers, Doritos corn chips and Vegemite inside.

Promotional materials for the pizza-pie have already answered at least one recurring question (aside from 'why'): yes, the pies will come with sauce.