Raising a glass to Gary the Goat

Gary the goat has passed away age six.
Gary the goat has passed away age six. Photo: Supplied

Social media sensation Gary The Goat has sadly passed away at the tender age of six years old. 

Rising to world fame through a comedy partnership with his owner, Australian comedian Jimbo Bazoobi, Gary's "no effs give" attitude was captured in short videos uploaded onto the facebook page Gary The Goat, his audience climbing to 1.74 million followers - a reach that is more than double the combined following of comedians Joel Creasey, Hannah Gadsby, Em Rusciano and Lehmo.

In a heartfelt status update from Jimbo, Gary's legions of fans awoke to the sad news that the world's most-loved goat was put down last night 'after vets diagnosed a bleed from an acute heart tumour, "We'll all miss you Gary. You gave so much happiness to so many people. Rest in Peace mate." 

Mountain Goat Brewery have joined the tributes to Gary. "On behalf of everyone at Mountain Goat Beer, I'd like to pass on my condolences to everyone affected by his passing", said brand manager Zoe Ottaway. "Gary was one of a kind and a huge inspiration for us all, both professionally and personally. We'll be cheering to his memory with a beer tonight."

In Gary's honour, we have pulled together a list of some of the best places Gary's fans can come together to mourn, shop, eat and cheers his "give no effs" life. 

Collingwood Children's Farm 

Mountain Goat Brewery 

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The Smelly Goat, Sydney
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