Salad in a jar? From a vending machine?

Fud machines will be stocked with layered salads.
Fud machines will be stocked with layered salads. Photo: Supplied

Vending machines aren't normally associated with health fanatics but a Melbourne based company is hoping to shake things up and give people fewer excuses for eating poorly at work, at train stations and anywhere else that chips and chocolate bars usually hog the limelight. 

The Füd Revolution vending machine (made from recycled timber, of course) caters to those on paleo, gluten-free, vegan and even sugar-free diets with its range of fresh-made salads and snacks.

Rainbow-hued jar salads ($10) featuring wholesome ingredients take up the most shelf-space.

'Holy Granoly'.
'Holy Granoly'. Photo: Supplied

Current menu offerings include "Get ya freekah on" – freekah, baby spinach, baby kale, chickpeas, broccoli, roasted sweet potato,  grilled corn kernels, red cabbage, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds served with smoky harissa dressing.

For the spice-inclined, "What's up dukkah" is a medley of roasted dutch carrots and capsicum, feta, dukkah, baby spinach, and rocket leaves, dressed with tahini.

In keeping with Füd's nutritionally-balanced creed, customers can add a protein, such as boiled free-range eggs, roasted chicken or falafel($4 each).

The vending machine is made from up-cycled timber, no less.
The vending machine is made from up-cycled timber, no less. Photo: Supplied

Co-founder Laura Anderson's light bulb moment sprang from frustration "...with the lack of genuinely healthy takeaway and fast food options when out and about, particularly for people with different dietary requirements".

For those wondering how fresh a vending machine salad could be, Anderson says all items are restocked daily, with leftovers distributed to the needy. 

For breakfast on the run, the machines offer options including 'Holy Granoly' – organic yoghurt topped with home-made raspberry coulis and granola, or there's gluten-free banana bread with organic butter.  

The first machine is already up-and-running in Westfield Doncaster. Another will follow on July 6 in the HoMie store in Melbourne Central, with five more set to appear this year.

And convenience really is the word: machines are Pay Pass, debit card and cash friendly.

The Füd Revolution is currently only Melbourne-based with no interstate expansion plans.