Sausage roll recipe causes confusion in America

Rachel Browne
Snag: The humble sausage roll causes cultural confusion.
Snag: The humble sausage roll causes cultural confusion. 

Along with the meat pie, the humble sausage roll has long been part of Australia's cuisine culture but it appears the pastry wrapped mince meat is something of a novelty in the US.

When the New York Times ran a recipe for sausage rolls, confusion broke out with American readers utterly bewildered by the dish.

Perhaps they were misled by the description of sausage rolls, which claimed they were a traditional treat for the British on Boxing Day.

"They are always welcome, especially at holiday time. Boxing Day, a national holiday in Britain, celebrates the traditional post-Christmas servants' day off, when upper-class families were forced to fend for themselves and subsist for a day on a lavish buffet of leftover feasts from the week. Sausage rolls are often part of the spread."

Confusion swiftly ensued on both sides of the Atlantic.

Just as the Americans were baffled about this previously secret snack, the Brits were equally puzzled to learn that sausage rolls are off the mainstream menu in the US.

As soon as British readers overcame the shock of discovering that sausage rolls are, indeed, not a thing in the US, the sarcasm flowed.

Twitter users were happy to add to the confusion.

Just as well no one started the tomato sauce versus ketchup conversation otherwise things could have become really messy.