Serge Dansereau to stay at Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral Beach

Owner-chef Serge Dansereau will renovate the Bathers' Pavilion from July.
Owner-chef Serge Dansereau will renovate the Bathers' Pavilion from July. Photo: Marco Del Grande

 The battle for Balmoral has been one of the more intriguing hospitality bouts brewing in Sydney over the past 12 months. Chef and modern Sydney food pioneer Serge Dansereau has had the prized Bathers' Pavilion at Balmoral Beach for two decades, but that was under threat when Mosman Council put the venue out to tender.

While the list of suitors has had a veil of secrecy around it, Good Food understands it featured more A-listers than Oscars night. The winning envelope has finally been delivered, and Dansereau confirms he's been granted a new lease. "Another 20 years – I'd say that sees me off," he says.

In July, Bathers will partly close for a series of renovations by Luchetti Krelle that will include a new lounge area.

"The brief is to do something not done by them anywhere before that remains anchored in Bathers' history. The renovation will be complete (kiosk, cafe, restaurant and function room) with the addition of a lounge in the restaurant part and a dedicated Serge's Table," the chef says.

"I've got a good 10 hands-on years in me, then hopefully my team will take on more (of the load),"  Dansereau says. "I won't have to peel the carrots."