Silo Bakery's festive treats

Kirsten Lawson

From next week, Silo sells a bunch of Christmas baked treats for the table and very handy for giving away. The cakes (1 kg $40; 1.5 kg $55) are made to an Australian recipe and baked in a lined box. There’s stollen (two sizes $18, $24), the German yeasted cake with marzipan. And panforte (two sizes $8.50, $18). Silo has gingerbread trees ($5), pfefferkuchen ($9) – the gingerbread cake filled with marzipan and brandied prune, fruit mince pies (small $2.50, large $18), and Christmas biscotti ($9), as well as a Christmas marmalade, with orange, tangelo, cedro, cranberry and fig ($10).