Sydney drive-thrus pop up to offer bagels, pasta and panini to go

Brooklyn Boy Bagels is up and rolling.
Brooklyn Boy Bagels is up and rolling. Photo: Supplied

With the Sydney lockdown extended, restaurants have taken to the road again, offering drive-thru and drive-by food to go, plus grab-at-the-door meals.

In Marrickville, where you can pitstop at the Black Market Coffee drive-thru, Brooklyn Boy Bagels is also up and rolling.

"We're operating our Home Away From Home cafe out front while the [new] indoor cafe is being built," says Brooklyn Boys Bagels owner Michael Shafran.

"So it's more of a drive-thru than ever. We're basically right in the driveway, so you can't get more COVID-safe than that."

Shafran is also doing a BBB pop-up this week (Fri-Sat 7am-1pm) out the front of Kepos Street Kitchen in Redfern.

The Paddington Inn's Il Baretto restaurant is offering pick-up at its William Street entrance, and Calabria Panineria in the CBD has a VIP parking spot.

Not all of the 2020 pivots have returned. Atilla Yilmaz, chef-owner at inner-west favourite Pazar Food Collective, has skipped a reboot of the back-lane drive-thru at his restaurant.

"We're cut off from a lot of our customer base anyway, and what we do is a luxury, so I don't want staff travelling on public transport unless it's essential," Yilma says.

"And there are already plenty of local heroes in the area set up to do it [takeaway]."