Sydney's new District Brasserie teases with cake

District Brasserie and Bakery, in Sydney.
District Brasserie and Bakery, in Sydney. Photo: Janie Barrett

Another 200 restaurant seats hit the Sydney CBD with the opening of District Brasserie, but the Chifley Plaza start-up will offer its bakery as a teaser from today. 

A restaurant with its own bakery is a luxury usually only afforded to hotel restaurants, and chef Mark Knox, formerly of Public Dining at Balmoral, knows it. "Having someone bake your bread onsite is amazing," he says. "They are only using organic and GMO-free flour. We'll use the cakes in the brasserie and the jasmine rice pudding they do is really good".

The restaurant will boot up in the next week, serving breakfast first before introducing lunch and dinner. Designer Paul Kelly has created a modern brasserie with lashings of brass fittings and a green marble bar. "The grill has $100,000 of exhaust over it," Knox says.