Taco Bell set to open in Sydney this summer

On its way from the US: Taco Bell.
On its way from the US: Taco Bell. Photo: iStock

When Taco Bell opens in Sydney this summer, it won't be the fast food giant's first swing at the harbour city.

The company argues Australia is a more mature, Mexican-savvy food market than it was when the chain arrived and departed Sydney last century.

Local Mexican food operators aren't so sure. While most asked not to be named, they cited a series of hurdles for the chain, including high operating costs and competition from other well-established Mexican chains. 

Taco Bell will argue it has already tested the waters in Queensland.

But the owner of Sydney-based Zambrero chain, Dr Sam Prince, welcomes the competition.

Prince knows how difficult it is to push into competitive foreign territory.

While he's about to open half a dozen Zambreros in the Carolinas in the US, Prince says the Boston Zambrero was on a short lease and has already closed, but it will reopen at another Boston site.