The Cupping Room team release a cookbook

Jil Hogan
Caity Reynolds, Jerome Felix and Jordan Montgomery with the new The Cupping Room cookbook.
Caity Reynolds, Jerome Felix and Jordan Montgomery with the new The Cupping Room cookbook. Photo: Jil Hogan

Ever had a hankering for a Cupping Room breakfast on the weekend but couldn't drag yourself out to London Circuit? Well now you can have it at home - kind of.

The team behind the popular weekend brunch spot has released their very own cookbook.

Co-authored by manager Caity Reynolds and chef Jerome Felix, the book is a 'best of' all the items from their seasonal menus over the cafe's history.

"It was actually like going down memory lane," said Felix.

"I changed some things up plating-wise and tweaked a few things that needed improving. But it was actually a bit of fun, I really enjoyed it. Writing the actual recipes not so much. But actually going back re-plating and revisiting what we did brought back a lot of memories - good memories."

The result is just over 250 pages of delicious recipes and beautiful photography (by Amy Dobos), wrapped up in a mint green cover with a touch of gold foil.

Despite revealing all his recipes, Felix said the book doesn't feel like he is 'sharing his secrets'.

"For me, I love reading cookbooks and gathering a lot of knowledge and seeing what other chefs are doing. And I love sharing and helping people, especially our customers," he said.

"It's nice to share so I had no problem. And a lot of our staff as well are really excited and can't wait to go home and cook stuff up."


The book is a completely in-house affair - even all the way down to the publishing. The Cupping Room's Jordan Montgomery has launched his own publishing house, Seed Press, with this cookbook the company's first release.

On top of the recipes, the back of the book houses a drinks sections, with shakes, juices, and Sasa Sestic's signature drink, which won him the World Barista Championship in 2015.

It's the first time the team believes the recipe has been printed somewhere - although to make it you'd have to get your hands on some unfermented shiraz grape juice from Clonakilla, plus a bit of Sestic's magic touch.

Probably quite a few reasons to still actually go to The Cupping Room then.

The Cupping Room Cookbook is $49.95 and available now at the cafe itself or