Tomislav on the move

Tomislav Martinovic is confident he has the recipe for success.
Tomislav Martinovic is confident he has the recipe for success. Photo: Louise Kennerley

Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, has been a hotbed of closures and calamities in recent times, but there’s good news for the strip with the toqued Tomislav restaurant moving to the street.

While the Bayswater Road closure list includes Concrete Blonde and Bayswater Diner, Tomislav owner Tomislav Martinovic isn’t concerned by the fate of the last toqued restaurant to try its luck on the strip, the now past-tense Ortolan.

“We’re down the bottom end of Bayswater Road; it’s Rushcutter’s Bay. If you go to the strip on a Friday or Saturday night after 10pm, it’s congested, but still feels really residential where we are going in [the former site of a Japanese restaurant],” he says.

Unable to reach new terms with the landlord at its current Darlinghurst site, the restaurant will close on the weekend of December 21 before opening at Bayswater Road mid-February.

Tomislav’s innovative menu, which includes barbecued sweetcorn and buttermilk ice-cream, will make the journey. Tomislav will also open for Sunday lunch at the new venue.