What do stage four restrictions mean for restaurants and food retail?

Markets will remain open, with strict distancing rules.
Markets will remain open, with strict distancing rules.  Photo: Supplied

Premier Daniel Andrews updated Victorians this afternoon on the further restrictions certain industries will face under stage four. Here's what you need to know. 

According to the guidelines released this afternoon "supermarkets and grocery shops, including all food and liquor shops," will remain operational.

This includes "markets for food only with strict enforcement of density obligations." 

Abattoirs are remaining open but reducing their workforce by 30 per cent, somewhat allaying the fear that there will be a mass shortage of meat products. 

The premier made a plea to Victorians to have faith in the ongoing supply, and not to hoard either groceries or meat. Woolworths and Coles are placing restrictions on meat products in response. 

Little seems to have changed for food businesses in metro Melbourne. Restaurants and cafes are able to continue operating for delivery and take away, as they were during stage three.

No restriction on delivery distances has been announced at this stage.

What will change is the behaviour of diners. One member of the household is allowed to leave the house per day to shop. That means ducking out for coffee runs is off the table. Individuals will also not be permitted to travel further than five kilometres to pick up a pizza. They may, however, travel further to visit a grocery store if their closest option is outside of this limit.

The bigger blow will be for regional Victorian businesses who are returning to stage three restrictions (take away and delivery only) from Wednesday night.