What's the next big food trend, according to Instagram?

Trending: khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish.
Trending: khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish. Photo: Shutterstock

News from inside Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is held its first InstaLounge panel in Sydney recently to discuss its rising influence on diners and businesses. And according to their data, Georgian food might be the big thing in the pipeline, while Australians are most obsessed with tonkotsu, keto and anything dessert or cooking show-related.

The hashtag #khachapuri (a traditional Georgian cheese-filled bread) has rapidly grown to 37,000 posts. That's only 15,000 tags behind #freakshakes and far less horrifying to consider.

Of Australia's eight most followed food accounts (at the time of writing; fortunes change in an instant), five are hosts of cooking shows (among them Matt Preston, Pete Evans and Adam Liaw), and the other three are dessert whizzes such as Kirsten Tibballs and Pierrick Boyer.

Want to stay ahead of the trends? Naomi Shepherd, group industry director for Instagram Australia, says last year's introduction of a function to follow hashtags is the future, with #FoodieMelbourne and #KetoAustralia the fastest on the rise.