Yummy shake-up

Scott Bolles
A twist on the classics ... Dim sum at Fu Manchu.
A twist on the classics ... Dim sum at Fu Manchu. Photo: James Brickwood

The Chinese restaurant favourite, prawn toast, reinvented on rye bread? Say, what?

The staid and predictable world of Sydney yum cha is about to get its biggest shake-up since the City of Sydney issued drivers licences for trolley pushers.

Annie Lee, who relocated Fu Manchu earlier this year to the former site of Salt restaurant, at 229 Darlinghurst Road, has just started a novel weekend yum cha service (Saturdays and Sundays, 10am-3pm) with a difference. ''There's Chinese heritage, but I'm third-generation south-east Asian. I love how you wake up in Penang and you get to choose food from different cultures to eat,'' Lee says.

To that end, her dim sum (pictured) includes roti with dahl and Malay grilled skewers, as well as pork and shiitake mushroom Shanghai-style dumplings.

She's also trying to change traditional yum cha sizing and prices, opting for smaller and cheaper portions.

''I want couples and single diners to be able to try lots of things.'' she says.