Hot topic: the hospitality industry accounts for around 7 per cent of Australia's workforce.

Restaurant wages and the wash-up

‚ÄčIs there a way to pay all hospitality staff properly and still have an industry able to turn a profit? Yes, but we are likely to have to pay for it.

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The Morrison Bar has been affected by Sydney's light rail project.

Free booze at this CBD spot if the tram is on time

It's been a long time coming, but the delayed Sydney light rail project is promised to launch early next month. If it actually happens, we're invited to free drinks and oysters at The Morrison.

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Waffles with fruit and labneh.

Cafe Royce to open in retirement complex in Penrith

You won't find too many sleeve tattoos among the clientele, but canny food operators are jumping in on one of our fastest growing and untapped food sectors: the seasoned palates of retired Australians.

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