The sbagliato cocktail.
The sbagliato cocktail. Photo: Josh Robenstone

The Negroni is one of the greatest cocktails ever created; a perfect bittersweet aperitif with a serious kick of gin. It's also incredibly easy to make in large quantities and store indefinitely to be deployed to thirsty guests at a moment's notice. This variation on the classic is called a Sbagliato, Italian for "wrong", but oh-so-right. Said to be the result of a busy bartender accidentally reaching for a bottle of wine instead of gin, it comes topped up with prosecco, and is a light, refreshing and classy way to break the ice.


1 bottle Campari

1 bottle sweet vermouth

2 bottles prosecco or other sparkling wine

orange wedges, 1 per glass


1. In a two-litre container, combine the Campari and vermouth.

2. Decant the mixture back into the empty bottles for easy storage, then chill. 

3. To serve, fill a rocks glass full of ice, fill half way with the Campari-vermouth mix, then top with chilled prosecco, stir, and garnish with an orange wedge. Alternatively, put the bottles out and let people help themselves.