Australia's first capsule hotel to open in Sydney

A poshpacker hotel in Kyoto.
A poshpacker hotel in Kyoto. Photo: Supplied

Sleeping off a night on the negronis is about to become a lot easier. An inner-city Sydney bar opening later this year will be equipped with its own Asian-style capsule beds upstairs.

"It'll be the first capsule hotel in Australia as far as we know," says Ed Kenny from Giant Design, the company responsible for the makeover of Bar Century on George Street.  Kenny scoured the world in search of a designer capsule, locating a manufacturer in Asia producing suitably luxe versions (pictured).

Ed Kenny from Giant Design, responsible makeover of Bar Century on George Street, complete with capsule hotel.

Giant Design's plans for the capsule hotel at Bar Century, on George Street in Sydney. Photo: Supplied

Bar Century opted for more of a first class airline-style pod than the traditional front-loading capsule.

"We had to make some design changes, we certainly made them a bit longer," Kenny tells Good Food. Bar Century closed - earlier this year, its temporary halt blamed in part on a drop in night trade and the lockout laws. With two floors of bars and beds upstairs, the venue could be onto something.

"Given how long capsules have been around we're amazed no one has done it here before," the designer adds.

Interiors of Bar Century which is closing down soon. 12th February 2016, Photo: Wolter Peeters, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Interiors of Bar Century, before it closed down. Photo: Wolter Peeters