Snack trends: What you should be eating in 2017

Coconut Smoothie Cup with Cinnamon
Coconut Smoothie Cup with Cinnamon Photo: hannahmillerick

The 10.30am stomach rumble is never fun. That twang at 3.00pm is even worse. Sure, you can have those eight celery sticks you packed when your future was looking bright. Maybe even that bruised banana. It does look delicious ...

Or you could waltz over and see what the vending machine has on show today. Apparently chocolate makes your skin glow. Potato is a good carb right? Two minutes later and your morning tea consists of a packet of barbecue chips and a Snickers.

According to the 2016 Ipsos Food Consumption, Habits, Attitudes and Trends report (CHATs), more than two thirds of Australians snack between meals, with research revealing that despite prioritising fresh and unprocessed foods, people believe being healthy is expensive and time consuming. 

Salad of broccolini, tofu, walnut and toasted seaweed from Supernormal.
Salad of broccolini, tofu, walnut and toasted seaweed from Supernormal. Photo: Kristoffer Paulsen

But this is a new year! And it comes with a new snack. The edible trends for 2017 have surfaced. It's time to part with those vending machine coins and start saving for your next holiday.

Check out these predictions for the lunch box that will brighten up your mid morning blues. ​

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts generic

Walnuts, almonds, chia and hemp will be head liners on your snack time menu. Plant-based protein will continue to work its way into our mouths with the new research suggesting that vegetarian protein sources can have many health benefits including a longer life. These nuts and seeds won't break the bank and will add that extra crunch which is said to help satiate hunger.  ​


2017 says goodbye to kale and hello to seaweed. The highly nutritional and sustainable super food is a tasty essential for your lunch box. Nori (sheets of seaweed) are a great dry snack that can also be combined with fresh vegies to make a fresh mid morning wrap and they are brimming with good-for-you vitamins A and C plus potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine. 

Veggie Chips

I'm sure we are all very familiar with this snack. It may already be a constant lunch box filler. This year the vegetable, oil and salt combination is predicted to be sourced from a larger variety. Think beetroot, brussels sprouts, parsnips, turnips and more. Roots are in. 


Fermented Foods

Healthy people should not eat yoghurt for probiotics, researchers say, but for other benefits such as calcium.

Whilst the word 'fermented' doesn't exactly rhyme with 'chocolate', this healthy and delicious fad will continue to add flavour to your lunch. Add a yoghurt to your morning tea or enjoy a miso soup in the afternoon. The health conscious have their muesli with kefir milk so work back from there and you'll get the idea.



smh good living. supplied pic from Ben O'Donoghue book.Outdoor. Naan
If the days are long and you're after something slightly more sustainable, naan is the magic word. You can create your own naan pizza in under eight minutes for the instant cure to those hunger pangs. Add your favourite toppings - we love spinach, avocado and pesto- and you're sorted. 


Chickpeas are branching out from their hummus past and starring in tasty bites like roasted chilli and lime chickpeas and chickpea bites. And if you're really dedicated (and/or vegan), chickpea brine, known as Aquafaba, is being used in place of egg whites for pavlova, meringue, cakes and mousse. Get ready for the onslaught.  


Coconut continues to reign supreme with a range of trendy snacks awaiting to hit your supermarket shelves in the form of coconut chips, coconut spread, coconut caramels and more.