A 3D printed food restaurant has popped up in London

A 3D-printed chocolate dessert
A 3D-printed chocolate dessert Photo: Food Ink

We're watching … FOOD HACKING
With 15-minute-ish episodes available online, Food Hacking gets viewers thinking about the relationship between eating, cooking and technology. Brought to you by Munchies, the food arm of Vice Magazine, host Simon Klose looks at how food boundaries are pushed in Japan – including a particularly interesting episode about eating a plain biscuit while wearing virtual reality gear. munchies.vice.com/en/show/food-hacking

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We're bowled over by this doughnut dessert. Photo: Supplied

We're eating … CHURRO BOWLS
Doughnuts have all the fusion and freak food fun, with their elongated Spanish cousins, churros, missing out until recently. Enter churro bowls – an edible vessel made from churros and filled with ice-cream. You can try a vanilla bean version squiggled with Nutella at the Queen Victoria Night Market every Wednesday until the end of August, from Churro Kitchen, or head to Milky Lane in Bondi, Sydney where it all began.

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I got 99 problems but this espresso martini ain't one. Photo: Alana Dimou

We're drinking … $99 ESPRESSO MARTINIS
To celebrate the launch of Mr Black Panama Geisha Coffee Liqueur, which is made using the most expensive coffee beans in the world, Rockpool 1989 is serving a $99 espresso martini for the remainder of the month. At $185 a bottle, it's better value to buy one, but with only 289 available you'll have to win the ballot to do so: mrblack.co/geisha.

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Spoiler alert: these aren't actually soda bottles. Photo: Supplied

We're craving … SODA BOTTLE CAKES
Sydney-based Insta-baker @bakedbyandres is one talented cookie, but it's her soda cakes that caught our eye. They look exactly like 1.25L bottles of fizz but are 100 per cent edible, aside from the wrapper. The Coca-Cola bottle is Nutella flavoured, a matcha sponge cake poses as Sprite, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups as Fanta and more. Check out her Instagram for emoji poo cupcakes, panda sushi and cookie monster macarons, too.

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Iron Chef: the robot edition. Photo: Frederik Buyckx



From July 25 to 27, Londoners can sit at 3D-printed furniture while eating 3D-printed dishes with 3D-printed cutlery. Run by Food Ink, the nine-course dinner will be printed live on the night by chefs, artists and techies. Anything that can form a paste can be fed through the machine – think chocolate, mashed peas, dough, dips and more. foodink.io

The Hot List for Good Food.

The Hot List for Good Food. Photo: Supplied


It's just what every self-respecting food lover has always wanted: an excuse to use the phrase "the whole enchilada" in regular conversation thanks to a round beach towel resembling a giant tortilla. They're selling like tacos and "may consider expanding [to Australia] in the future". Until then, you can watch videos of humans wrapping themselves up like a giant burrito online.