Are you game to take on a 12-kilogram gummy python?

That's a lot of gummy.
That's a lot of gummy.  Photo: Supplied


Figures do this ridiculous piece of candy more justice than mere adjectives. It's nearly  2.4 metres long, weighs a whopping 12.2 kilograms, is more than 36,000 calories and the recommending serving size – all 306 of them – is 40 grams at 120 calories each. Handmade in the US (where else), the pythons come in two classic flavours: blue raspberry and green apple or red cherry and blue raspberry. It's  $197 and about the same again for postage, but you'll be the life of the party. Don't eat it all at once.


The Vietnamese salad on the menu at Melbourne cafe Jethro has been responsible for plenty of double takes since it opened a few weeks back. Scattered on top of shredded wombok, crushed peanuts, cucumber, tomato, Vietnamese mint and lemongrass are crunchy crickets. Real crickets. Think of them as texture, not bugs, and it's a refreshing salad with just the right amount of lime dressing. The crickets are sourced from, should you wish to add some to your own cooking.

Bromley by Wolf Blass

Bromley by Wolf Blass. Photo: Sean McDonald


You're not meant to judge a book by its cover, but what about wine by its label? Wolf Blass has collaborated with artist David Bromley to release a new series, Bromley by Wolf Blass, that celebrates two South Australian identities. The collection features some of Bromley's more recognised artworks – such as his birds, nudes and butterflies – on a McLaren Vale Shiraz, Adelaide Hills Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Adelaide Hills Chardonnay (all RRP $29.99). Available at Dan Murphy's. 

Edible glitter cupcakes

Edible glitter cupcakes.  Photo: Supplied

We're cooking with… EDIBLE GLITTER

Christmas decorations are already up in the city, marking the start of the festive season. With plenty of events and parties on at this time of year, edible glitter is a simple and effective way to up your baking ante. Roll chocolate-dipped strawberries in it, or top your baked goods with shimmering cherries, like these cupcakes from Find it at Spotlight stores, or

We're buying… SOUP FOR THE SOUL

Most cultures have a version of bone broth (also known as stock), from the stuff every Jewish grandmother makes best through to your aunty's secret pho recipe. If you're not lucky enough to already have it in the family, head to Broth Bar and Larder in Bronte, Sydney, or try the organic stock powders (chicken, beef or lamb) from Just add hot water to the dehydrated stock, made from natural, organic ingredients and cooked for up to 48 hours.

Pasta tees

Pasta tees. Photo: Supplied

We're obsessed with… PASTA TEES 

Love carbs and proud of it? Melbourne-based La Pasta Factory is sharing its devotion to the humble art of pasta with a series of unisex T-shirts. Whether you prefer spaghetti, macaroni, pappardelle or its bestseller, rigatoni – you can wear it loud and proud across your chest. Keep an eye out for different colours and jumpers coming soon. Available online with free national shipping at

A Spot at the Bar

A Spot at the Bar. Photo: Supplied

We're reading… A SPOT AT THE BAR

"The art of good drinking in 300 recipes" is a promise fulfilled by The Everleigh team in their brand new cocktail book, A Spot at the Bar. Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, but regarded as one of the best cocktail hangouts in Australia, the book is an insight into everything regulars know and love about The Everleigh already – class without the fuss and attention to detail. There's a focus on classics, including The Everleigh's favourite variations, as well as tips on how to host a successful soiree. Available from bookstores or direct via 


Melbourne-based cafe Little Big Sugar Salt recently started offering share breakfasts. Affectionately dubbed "eggs with friends", we can't believe more people aren't doing this. For $35 for a minimum of three people, you'll get a litre of filter coffee and a stack of food including baked salmon, celeriac and apple; scrambled gruyere eggs, zoodles with silverbeet, ferments, pickles, banana oat waffles, sweet potato pancakes and more. For five or more, book via