Guillaume Brahimi's party essentials

Easy entertaining ... Chef Guillaume Brahimi shares his suggestions.
Easy entertaining ... Chef Guillaume Brahimi shares his suggestions. Photo: Nic Walker


Crab sandwiches are my favourite canape because they are decadent but still simple. They have become a signature canape at home and at the restaurant because they never fail to impress, and you can prepare them in advance, allowing you to have a drink with your guests when they arrive. 


I like to keep cocktails simple and classic. A gin and tonic is great for a group as they only involve three ingredients and take no time at all to prepare. You can also give people the option of what garnish they would like, depending on the style of gin. I prefer lemon but you can also use cucumber or orange. 


Mini lemon tarts are a great canape-style dessert and a real crowd pleaser. Everyone loves a lemon tart and when they are bite-sized they can be prepared in advance and are nice and easy to eat at a cocktail party. 

For a larger crowd, an impressive cheese platter is always the way to go. I select a mix of hard and soft French and Australian cheeses such as Holy Goat. You don't need more than three or four types. If you want to make the presentation more impactful, then you can serve the cheeses on a large piece of natural wood - it looks great. 


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