How to have a very Good Food Christmas

Adam Liaw's show-stopping Chrissamisu.
Adam Liaw's show-stopping Chrissamisu. 

We've hit peak festive season, everyone's favourite time of the year to indulge, so what better time to launch Good Food's first ever TV show, Good Food Christmas?

Learn incredible recipes, hacks, ideas and tips from some of Australia's favourite cooks including Adam Liaw, Jill Dupleix and Alice Zasvlasky, as they join Brooke Boney, Livinia Nixon and Lara Vella to source the best party-season cocktails, seafood tips and all things fresh and festive.

Christmas ham with summer fruit glaze

Adam Liaw's summery recipe and scoring tips.

Adam's up first, hamming it up in the best way possible with his simple summer fruit ham glaze. Learn how to make sugar into a golden caramel to give your ham a glossy golden topping, and how to skin and score your ham for mouthwatering results.

And don't forget the prawns. Adam makes some easy Swedish crayfish-party inspired sauces to dunk them into – including a brilliant cocktail sauce with a secret ingredient to lift it to the next level. Just add bread rolls, lettuce, cheese, red onion and asparagus and let your guests DIY – less work for you do to!

Next, Lara visits the Sydney Fish Market and meets fishmonger Alex Stollznow who shares which fresh Aussie seafood is in abundance (aka a bargain) and how to choose fish so fresh it's pretty much still twitching.

Adam Liaw with his summer fruit glazed ham.
Adam Liaw with his summer fruit glazed ham. 

Then it's over to Alice for her genius festive hacks: ice cube, prawn and pav tricks you'll use all year round.

Plus super simple three-ingredient canapes that taste so much more than the sum of their parts, including olives; prosciutto, mango and finger lime; and a berry merry boozy-steeped cheese that uses tooth floss (yes, tooth floss!), in a whole new way.

Time to take it outside, as Livinia drops by one of Melbourne's hottest bars, Arbory Afloat, where Tom Byrne takes us through some on-trend cocktails and a mocktail that are all super refreshing and simple.


Then we're onto the big main. Cooking turkey can be intimidating, but Jill Dupleix's beautiful golden rolled version generously stuffed with chorizo, kale and preserved lemon, makes it easy, as she explains to Brooke Boney.

And what to do with ham leftovers? Spaghetti hamonara of course. Rich, cheesy, eggy, with ham that seems to melt into the pasta. You've got to give it a twirl.

Alice shares her super styling tips for arranging the perfect antipasto and cheese platter.

Liaw's Swedish-inspired prawn party platter.
Liaw's Swedish-inspired prawn party platter. 

Then it's onto the showstopping dessert – Adam Liaw's tiramisu with a twist – aka the Chrissamisu! Layer upon layer upon layer of indulgent ingredients, with soft Italian meringue and of course some cherries and chocolate on top.

And that's a wrap! All the recipes, tricks and tips you need to cut the stress and make it the easiest, tastiest Christmas ever.

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