The £1500 pastry, plus other breaking food trends

Mmmm...tastes like a month's rent.
Mmmm...tastes like a month's rent.  Photo: John Phillips

We're saving for… LUXURY BAKED GOODS

London recently became home to the most expensive cronut in the world. Perhaps more coveted than the crown jewels, those with deep pockets and sweet tooths were able to partake for £1500 ($2635) a pop. Created by Dum Dum Donutterie, the limited edition "Luxury Zebra Cro" was made with lavish ingredients ranging from rare chocolate and Cristal rosé, to champagne caviar and gold leaf.

We're eating… DESSERT AT IDES

Truffle season brings out the best in restaurants, but none more than Melbourne's IDES. Chef Peter Gunn lives up to his surname with velvety pear custard visible beneath a layer of translucent ginger and golden syrup jelly. Crunchy cocoa nibs and almost julienned WA black truffle subdue the sweetness. This dessert demands one intrigued bite after another until you realise, sadly, that it's finished.

The Argyle's blue blazer cocktail

The Argyle's blue blazer cocktail. Photo: Supplied

We're drinking… BLUE BLAZERS

Originally created in San Francisco by Jerry Thomas during the mid 1800s, a blue blazer is made by setting whiskey on fire and pouring it back and forth between two vessels. Purists like The Argyle in Sydney use American bourbon or a good single malt whiskey. They serve theirs in a metal pint mug, swathed by aromatic cinnamon and orange.

Squid ink creations

A squid ink creation from Gontran Cherrier. Photo: Hayley Benoit

We're cooking with… SQUID INK

Black bread is here to stay. It started with burgers (Parlour Burger's Black Widow in Sydney, Temple Brewing's Midnight Burger in Melbourne, and even KFC a few months ago), and shows no signs of stopping. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em – take a loaf out of Gontran Cherrier's oven and bake with squid ink. You can find it at The Essential Ingredient or specialty European food stores.

Adorable polymer clay creations by Surprise Me Club

Adorable polymer clay creations by Surprise Me Club. Photo: Supplied

We're obsessed with… NOSTALGIC FOOD BLING

​Eating is one way to prove you're a food lover; taking photos of brunch is another. But thanks to some adorable polymer clay creations by Surprise Me Club, you can now wear the nostalgic treats of your childhood. Think Iced VoVo and lamington earrings, finger bun and fairy bread pendants and even a Vegemite brooch. The six-month subscription is a great choice for the indecisive.

Screenshots from the Drunk Mode app

Screenshots from the Drunk Mode app. Photo: Supplied

We're downloading… DRUNK MODE

Now that dry July has passed, this free app could save your dignity. Block contacts for 12 hours to prevent drunk dialling, track friends under the influence to stay safe and avoid missing out, use the Breadcrumbs feature to track the next day where you partied and find both party hot spots and a safe ride home.


A whopping 54 per cent of millennials between ages 18 and 34 believe that food is as pleasurable as sex, according to a new study by Havas Worldwide. The global study of nearly 12000 people, Eaters Digest: The Future of Food, also reported that 42 per cent of women (but only 26 per cent of men) would choose "an excellent dinner" over the bedroom – or the kitchen table, for that matter.