Toasteroid lets you custom-print your breakfast

Toasteroid. Photo: Supplied


Chefs say a plate is their canvas, but a new Kickstarter campaign for a toaster that prints the weather, secret messages and doodles onto your bread is taking this to the next level. Simply connect the toaster to your smartphone and you're set. You can even send messages via toast to others. Sure, it's a novelty, but we've never wanted one more.

Prawn parker rolls in Marion, Fitzroy

Prawn parker rolls in Marion, Fitzroy Photo: Supplied


Most Melburnians are familiar with Andrew McConnell's lobster roll, but at the risk of causing an uproar, the prawn parker roll served at Marion in Fitzroy is even better. A parker roll is generally folded in half before being baked. Marion gets its buttery beauties from Bakery Lievito and stuffs them with a whole poached king prawn, horseradish, aioli and flawless nasturtium leaves. Best enjoyed with a glass of Champagne Larmandier-Bernier Latitude NV, according to Marion all-rounder Andrew Joy.

Struman Organic Beer Co. is the Australia first dedicated organic beer brewed in Australian.

Struman Organic Beer Co. is Australia's first dedicated organic beer brewer.

We're drinking… ORGANIC BEER

Sparked by a conversation between three mates in a Sydney pub, Struman's Organic Beer Co. is Australia's first dedicated organic beer brewer. The first two beers, a premium lager and lower-carb dry variety, are Australian Certified Organic. That means no pesticides, herbicides or genetic modifications. If you want to eat organic, you should probably drink that way, too. Available from Dan Murphy's and BWS. 

We're cooking with… GEFU SPROUT JAR 

Spring has sprung and there's  no better time to GYO sprouts (that's grow your own, by the way). Think of the GEFU sprout jar as lazy gardening on your kitchen bench in a good-looking glass dome. It's a foolproof way to sprout any seed, bean or grain – from alfalfa and mung beans to broccoli and radishes. RRP $59.95 from Myer or

Pineapple and ginger Pana chocolate

Pineapple and ginger Pana chocolate.


If you like your chocolate dark, tropical, spicy and raw, Pana 's new pineapple and ginger bar is your new indulgence. It's dairy, gluten and refined-sugar free – but, most importantly, it ticks the delicious box. A slight zing from the ginger rounds out sweetness from pineapple essential oil, while the 70 per cent cacao upholds Pana's velvety smooth reputation.

We're reading… FROM THE SOURCE

Forget backpacking around Europe on a shoestring, Lonely Planet's From the Source  books curate "authentic recipes from people who know them best", preceded by wanderlusty introductions. From the Source: Japan and From the Source: Spain hit bookstore shelves this month. The former stretches from Hokkaido to Osaka, the latter features sticky stews and paellas alongside contemporary gastronomy from Basque country. 

Bubble tea cocktails from RockSugar, Melbourne

Bubble tea cocktails from RockSugar, Melbourne. Photo: Supplied


Ever tried a bubble tea? Hailing from Asia, they're sweetened, flavoured teas served in a sealed plastic cup, pierced with a thick straw so you can suck up glutinous tapioca pearls and other jellies. Down Under, we've been spiking them with alcohol. Give it a whirl in Melbourne at RockSugar and Double Happiness, or from the "packed" section of the cocktail menu at Ms. G's in Sydney.

We're watching… CHEF'S TABLE

The third season of Chef's Table has arrived on Netflix. For those unfamiliar with the series, it documents behind the scenes in the best kitchens in the world – as well as the minds responsible for making food what it is today. Beautifully filmed, often moving and always hunger-inducing, this series follows top French chefs Alain Passard (L'Arpege), Michel Troisgros (Maison Troisgros), Adeline Grattard (Yam'Tcha) and Alexandre Couillon (La Marine).