The Katering Show's Kate McCartney (top) and Kate McLennan

The Katering Show: how do I eat at a fancy restaurant?

Got your noodle in a knot over whether to parboil your potatoes or reheat your rigatoni? Stars of the Katering Show, intolerable foodie Kate McLennan and food intolerant friend Kate McCartney, tackle your vexing culinary questions. Our serving suggestion? Take their advice with a generous pinch of salt. 

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Stephanie Alexander's apple, ginger and creme fraiche cake West country apple cake

Simple dinner party desserts

Tick dessert off your dinner party to-do list and choose from one of these hassle-free recipes.

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Andrew Blake recommends filling platters with Scotch quail eggs.

How to create the perfect party platter

Summer's blast of sunshine heralds the start of the party season. And with that comes the expectation to host a knees-up or two. Carla Grossetti talks to chefs and caterers in the know about how to perfect the art of the perfect party platter.

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