Andrew Blake recommends filling platters with Scotch quail eggs.

How to create the perfect party platter

Summer's blast of sunshine heralds the start of the party season. And with that comes the expectation to host a knees-up or two. Carla Grossetti talks to chefs and caterers in the know about how to perfect the art of the perfect party platter.

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House of Arras winemaker Ed Carr says vintage styles can match well with mature cheeses.

Sparkling ways to pair champagne with food

Champagne is often confined to canapés or celebratory toasts, but bubbles can hold their own against a glass of full-bodied Bordeaux. Pop that cork and get pairing.

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Party canape recipes

These are perfect summer canapes to serve to a garden or house full of guests as they can be eaten in one hand with minimal mess and fuss. While still, of course, tasting delicious.

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