Sample a hatted restaurant ... for less than $20

Roasted vegetable ratatouille pita at Miznon.
Roasted vegetable ratatouille pita at Miznon. Photo: Anatoly Michaello

It's one of Melbourne's newest hatted restaurants - and you can try it this very lunchtime for less than $20.

Hardware Lane diner Miznon joined an elite list of the nation's top eateries at Monday night's Good Food Guide awards.

But in proof that good food isn't all about the price tag, Miznon offers pitas for less than $20. Vegetarian options run closer to $10.

Bag of beans.
Bag of beans. Photo: Simon Schluter

Miznon was recognised already in August in Good Food's top 20 Melbourne cheap eats.

Head chef Afik Gal did not attend the awards and was surprised to hear the news of the restaurant's new hat on Tuesday.

"I wasn't expecting it at all," he laughed.

Bag of meat.
Bag of meat. Photo: Simon Schluter

"Now I understand next time I get an invitation to make sure I'm there. It's very surprising and exciting."

Gal is celebrating his birthday but will be in the kitchen, as normal, on Tuesday night.

Miznon's pitch is fine dining you can eat with one hand.

First, the pita pockets. Take the pita with a bone, stuffed with tender lamb ribs, nutty tahini, pickles, onion and chilli. Or the ratatouille, filled with a rich vegetable stew and boiled egg. 

Beyond the pita, the emblematic dish at Miznon is a cauliflower: blanched, 'moisturised' with olive oil, roasted to golden brown and served whole.

There's also the bags of green beans, lightly steamed, dressed with lemon, olive oil and sea salt then sealed in a paper bag.

Miznon Melbourne is the latest outlet worldwide for Israeli chef Eyal Shani.

Yotam Ottolenghi calls him "the voice of modern Israeli cuisine" in his book Jerusalem.

A year after its opening, Miznon's pita party is as popular as ever.

It's bound to be a little fuller as news spreads of its latest success.

The smart tip: book a pickup online and get 15 per cent off your first order.

With Dani Valent, Gemima Cody

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