Happy Cook

156 Springvale Road Nunawading, VIC 3131

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Permanently Closed

The window of this restaurant on busy Springvale Road sports a poster of the chef's Guinness World Record-breaking noodle-making effort (4000 in 45 seconds) in a blur that matches the whizzing traffic. Inside, the frenzy subsides. Decor is minimal and helpful staff are mellow. Start with feather-light, flavourful steamed dumplings and perhaps some 'mermaid's tresses'- an airy froth of finely shredded, slightly sweet fried seaweed. Spicy calamari is a generous tumble of crisp, battered pieces, while the record-breaking noodles are satin soft. Or you could cut to the chase and tuck into your (pre-ordered) Peking duck- available in classic, tea-smoked or crispy aromatic.