Three pies in one: meet the 'piecaken'

There are three traditional desserts that adorn every American Thanksgiving dinner table: the pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie. This year a fourth contender has emerged: the 'piecaken'. Deemed "the turducken of desserts", the latest food mash-up features all three pies layered, stuffed in a cake, and bound together with thick, lavish buttercream.  

A Thanksgiving-inspired recipe from pastry chefs at David Burke Fabrick in New York have made the dessert a social media sensation in US.

The piecaken of the moment is a spiced pound-cake with layers of pecan pie and pumpkin pie, topped with upside-down apple pie, slathered in cinnamon buttercream and edged in oat streusel.

"Through the magic of butter, it all stays together," said Zac Young, the executive pastry chef for David Burke Group in a New York Times article. His piecaken takes about seven hours to construct and the business has been churning out about 100 of the $49 piecakens a day.

It wasn't the only piecaken adorning Thanksgiving tables this week, with many home cooks taking to social media to showcase their own creations.

The piecaken was joined by another newcomer to the American Thanksgiving food scene this year: the alcoholic gravy shot. It involves a mouthful of fresh homemade gravy, mixed with whiskey or bourbon and garnished with a rosemary sprig or slice of bacon. To health!