10 of Adam Liaw's speedy stir-fries

There are two common mistakes novices make when it comes to wok cooking. The first is to use too many ingredients. The second is to overload the wok. Many people think that because a wok looks like a big pot, it's made for putting lots of things into it at once. In fact, the opposite is true. A wok's curved shape allows small amounts of food to be cooked quickly, one dish after the next – it's a TV series, not a movie. So instead of making one big stir-fry, make a few small ones instead. Not only is it much faster, you'll get better results and eat a greater variety of ingredients. This common misunderstanding comes from a quirk of Chinese culinary theory. Traditional Chinese cuisine praises a vibrant mix of colours, so a small amount of a bright green or red ingredient is added at the end of cooking for fresh flavour and a pop of colour – these are meant to be garnishes, not major components of the dish. So next time you break out your wok, keep them simple! Here are some recipes to try.

Garlic oil chicken.