Adam Liaw's pizza doughnuts

Adam Liaw
Fried pizza doughnuts.
Fried pizza doughnuts. Photo: William Meppem

Italian fried doughnuts are known as zeppole or sfingi and use a dough that, while not identical to pizza dough, is often very similar. If you're making your own pizza dough, this is a great way of getting at least two courses out of it.


2 pieces all-in pizza dough (see Adam's pizza con tomate recipe)

½ cup caster sugar

2 tsp ground cinnamon

vegetable oil, for deep frying


1. Divide each ball of dough into 4 pieces and roll into smaller balls. Poke a hole through the centre of each ball with your finger and tease the dough out into a rough ring shape. You can also leave the dough as balls if you prefer. 

2. Combine the sugar and cinnamon and mix well. 

3. Heat the oil to 180C. Fry the doughnuts until golden brown, about 3 minutes on each side. Scatter very generously with the cinnamon sugar and serve. 

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This recipe will appear in Sunday Life magazine on Sunday, February 13.