Almond croissant

Almond croissant.
Almond croissant. Photo: Marina Oliphant

This frangipane recipe is a base to so many dishes, it's a good one to know. Frangipane is used in fruit tarts, cakes and the filling for this almond croissant.


120g unsalted butter

150g castor sugar

200g ground almonds

2 eggs

3 tbsp brandy

6 day-old croissants

1 cup flaked almonds


To make frangipane mixture, cream butter and sugar in a food processor. Add ground almonds, eggs and brandy and blend well. Leave mixture in the fridge for about 10 minutes to firm up.

Slice croissants in half horizontally. Open them and smear one tablespoon of frangipane in each croissant. Replace the top, smear another half a tablespoon on top, then sprinkle some flaked almonds over the frangipane.

Bake at 170C until golden and nuts are well coloured.