Poached apricots with amaretto cream

Adam Liaw
Apricots and amaretto is a great combo.
Apricots and amaretto is a great combo. Photo: William Meppem

This delicious combination of apricots, amaretto and pistachios is incredibly easy to make. If you want a more substantial dessert, add a layer of sliced, store-bought Madeira cake beneath the apricots.


100ml white wine

75g castor sugar

600g apricots, halved, stones removed

2 tbsp shelled pistachios (or almonds), crushed

Amaretto cream

250g mascarpone

125g yoghurt

40g castor sugar

75ml amaretto


1. Combine the white wine, sugar and 400ml water in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Once the sugar is fully dissolved, add the apricot halves and poach for about 3 minutes, until a small, sharp knife can be inserted and withdrawn easily. Remove the apricots with a slotted spoon and transfer to a sieve over a bowl. Allow to cool to room temperature, then place in the fridge to chill.

2. For the amaretto cream, stir the ingredients together until the sugar is dissolved. Chill until ready to assemble. Place the chilled apricots in a single layer over the base of a large ramekin or small baking dish, leaving as few gaps as possible. Spread the amaretto cream over the apricots and tap the dish against the bench firmly to remove any air. Scatter with the pistachios and serve.

Tip: When stoning apricots for poaching, separate the softer apricots from the firmer ones. Add the firmer ones to the poaching liquid first and the softer ones later.

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