Australian seafood platter with bush herbs

A seafood platter which liberally uses native produce.


Lemon myrtle scallops in filo pastry

3 sheets of filo pastry

Melted butter

3 scallops with roe

2tsp lemon myrtle powder

Saute prawns with Akudjura (bush tomatoes ground)

3 raw king prawns

For the butter, mix 1tsp akudjura into 1tbsp of continental flour and 1/2tsp salt

Lobster in butter sauce with pepper berries

Small lobster tail

Small onion, chopped

Ground pepper

1/4 cup white wine vinegar,

1/4 cup cider

1/2 cup fish or chicken stock

50g butter cut into cubes

1tsp ground pepper berries



For the scallops, follow instructions on pastry packet to ensure softness. Mix lemon myrtle powder with melted butter. Brush each sheet of pastry with this and layer.Cut pastry sheets into 10cm by 10cm squares. Place one scallop in centre and fold over edges of pastry to form a pouch. Place on tray with baking paper and cook in oven at 180C for 5-8 min or until golden. Remove carefully with spatula. Keep warm.

For the prawns, peel and devein prawns leaving tail on. Insert small wooden skewers the full length of prawn to prevent them curling up. Roll each prawn in flour mix making sure each is well dusted. Deep fry in very hot oil until crispy. Remove skewers and keep warm.

To make the lobster, prepare Sauce by softening onions in butter without colouring. Add healthy sprinkling of fresh pepper, vinegar and cider. When liquids have very nearly evaporated, add stock and reduce by half. Feed in small cubes of butter and stir continuously (to avoid liquid separating). Add pepper berries. Salt to taste. This should be completed immediately prior to serving and kept warm. Should you let the sauce cool too much and then attempt to reheat it, it will usuallysplit. Remove lobster flesh from shell, devein and cut into medallions. Cook in butter and then transfer to sauce.

Rice: keep rices separate and wash well, especially the wild rice. Cook separately. Wild rice will take much longer. When cooked, wash wild rice to get rid of all excess colouring to ensure that it will not leach into the white rice when they are both mixed. And place in a small oiled mould.

Presentation: place 3 scallop money pouches, 3 prawns, rice mould and lobster medallions in groups on plate. Spoon buttered sauce over lobster. Decorate centre with red and yellow peppers.