Avocado Seafood Pizza

Avocado Seafood Pizza
Avocado Seafood Pizza 

Try this dish when entertaining. You won̢۪t regret it.


1 x 30cm pizza base

2-3 teaspoons olive oil

1-2 teaspoons chopped garlic

1/2 cup (50g) chopped red salad onion

1/2 cup (90g) roasted red capsicum, cut into small pieces

1 avocado, cut into small cubes

3/4 cup (125 g) small peeled prawns

3/4 cup (75 g) grated melting cheese

Shredded fresh basil, to garnish



Heat oven to hot (250º C).

Place pizza base on an oven tray and brush with olive oil.

Sprinkle garlic and onion evenly over, then top with the capsicum, avocado and prawns and cover with the grated cheese.

Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the base is crisp and golden brown and the cheese is bubbling.

Scatter basil over the cooked pizza and cut into wedges, to serve.

Cut into wedges and serve at once.