Blood orange, fennel and prawn salad

Blood orange, fennel and prawn salad
Blood orange, fennel and prawn salad Photo: Quentin Jones

A blood orange is usually small. The skin is flecked with colour, ranging from rust to scarlet and even garnet and purple. The juice has an unmistakeably citrus flavour - not quite as sweet as navel orange - with a raspberry aftertaste.


6 blood oranges

3 fennel bulbs

24 cooked king prawns,peeled and deveined

6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

Salt and pepper


Slice the skin and pith off each orange to reveal red flesh, then cut the individual segments, on either side of the pith, into a bowl. Squeeze any juice left in the carcass into another bowl.

Trim off first two or three tough outer layers of fennel bulbs and keep some of the green fronds attached to stems. Finely slice each bulb and place on a large serving plate or six smaller ones. Place prawns and blood orange segments neatly on top.

Mix blood orange juice, vinegar and oil with a little salt and pepper. Dress salad with this mixture and finish by sprinkling on some of the fennel fronds.