Cherry tomato salad with japanese onion dressing

Adam Liaw
The tangy onion dressing complements the sweet cherry tomatoes.
The tangy onion dressing complements the sweet cherry tomatoes. Photo: William Meppem

This straightforward tomato salad is enhanced by a Japanese-style onion dressing. Chilling tomatoes in the fridge robs them of their flavour, so keep them at room temperature, but pair them with a chilled dressing for maximum effect.


• 3 cups mixed cherry tomatoes

• pinch of sea salt

• 1 tbsp finely chopped chives

For the dressing:

• 1 small onion

• ¼ cup soy sauce

• 1 tbsp caster sugar

• 1 tbsp rice vinegar

• 1 tbsp sesame oil


For the dressing, puree the onion in a food processor or finely grate. Mix together with the remaining ingredients and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Halve the cherry tomatoes and arrange on a platter. Season with a little salt. Stir the dressing and spoon over the tomatoes. Scatter the chives over the top and serve.

Food preparation by Maxwell Adey. Styling by Hannah Meppem