Chocolate pudding

Chocolate self-saucing pudding.
Chocolate self-saucing pudding. 

A recipe from the Good Food collection.


160g dark chocolate, chopped

butter, for greasing

80g caster sugar

60g milk chocolate, chopped

4 eggs

cream, to serve


1. Put the oven on to 200C. Put the dark chocolate in a glass bowl and set it above a pan of simmering water. The chocolate will gradually start to soften and look glossy. When it does this, stir it until it is smooth.

2. Grease the inside of four 200ml ramekins with butter. Add ½ teaspoon of the sugar to each and shake it around until the insides are coated. Divide the chopped milk chocolate among the ramekins.

3. Beat the rest of the sugar with the egg yolks, using electric beaters, for about 3 minutes, or until you have a pale, creamy mass. Clean the beaters and dry them thoroughly. Whisk the egg whites until they are thick enough to stand up in peaks.

4. Fold the melted chocolate into the yolk mixture and then fold in the whites. Use a large spoon or rubber spatula to do this and try not to squash out too much air. Divide the mixture among the four ramekins. Bake for 15-20 minutes. The puddings should be puffed and spongelike. Serve straight away with cream.