Chorizo and piquillo pepper bocadillo

Chorizo and piquillo pepper bocadillo.
Chorizo and piquillo pepper bocadillo. Photo: Marina Oliphant

Originally, tapas was eaten as a snack between main meals to tide the body over. The term has since evolved to refer to an amazing array of mouthful-size bites, to be enjoyed with a glass of sherry or ice-cold beer. Spaniards enjoy walking from bar to bar grazing on these small dishes, standing with a glass in hand talking about the day's events, or what their football team will do on the weekend.


10 small crusty bread rolls

10 slices raw chorizo sausage

1 tin piquillo peppers*

Sea salt

10 tsp good-quality mayonnaise

10 toothpicks

* Sold at delis and some supermarkets.


Slice bread rolls in half lengthways and lie open on a cutting board.

Fry chorizo over a medium heat in a non-stick fry pan, or barbecue until well coloured and cooked through.

Empty peppers into a bowl. While chorizo is warm, place a piece on the bottom of each roll, then a piece of piquillo pepper.

Sprinkle a little salt on the pepper and finish with a teaspoon of mayonnaise.

Place the other piece of bread on top and push a toothpick through to keep it all together.