Easter white choc and creme egg tart

Creme egg tart.
Creme egg tart. Photo: Supplied

We've taken a beloved chocolate egg and turned it into a magnificent Easter dessert. No need to worry about any crumbling pastry – the CircoTherm function on your NEFF oven creates a golden pastry that will be strong enough to hold that delicious custard centre and those gooey creme eggs. Trust us when we say this one is not for the faint-hearted.



2 cups plain flour, sifted

¼ cup hazelnut meal

1 tbsp castor sugar

125g butter, softened

1 egg, beaten

1 tbsp water, as needed


350g white chocolate, chopped

¾ cup cream

¼ cup castor sugar

50g butter, cubed

3 eggs, extra, beaten

7 chocolate creme eggs, halved on the join

melted dark chocolate, extra for drizzling, if desired

cream, to serve


1. Preheat oven on CircoTherm 180C (in a NEFF oven, and also 180C in a regular oven).

2. Combine the flour, hazelnut meal, sugar and butter in food processor and process just until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add the egg and water then process briefly to combine. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and gently knead to form a ball. Flatten the pastry into a disc then wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least 1 hour.

3. Roll the pastry between 2 sheets of baking paper to line a 26cm round fluted tart pan with removable base. Trim then prick the base well with a fork. Chill for a further a further 1 hour. Bake the pastry base for 10-12 minutes until light golden. Allow to cool.

4. Combine in a saucepan the chocolate, cream, sugar and butter. Stir over induction cooktop level 5 or gas FlameSelect cooktop level 5 (or medium heat) until melted and smooth then transfer to a bowl to cool.

5. Whisk the eggs through the cooled mixture until well combined. Place the prepared pastry case onto a universal tray (or regular baking tray) then pour the filling into the pastry base.

6. Reduce the temperature to 150C and bake for 20 minutes. Place the chocolate eggs, cut side up, decoratively into the custard then continue baking for 20 minutes or until the filling is just set (it will be a little wobbly still). Allow to cool thoroughly on a wire rack before removing from the pan. Drizzle with extra melted chocolate if desired.  Serve at room temperature with a dollop of cream.