Easy lemon meringue possets

Jill Dupleix
Creamy lemon meringue possets.
Creamy lemon meringue possets. Photo: William Meppem

Here's a quick flip on a traditional French dessert. The old-school three-ingredient English posset – just cream, sugar, and lemon juice – sets without eggs or gelatine into a tangy, creamy, soft-set custard. Add a twirl of glossy egg whites, turning it into a couldn't-be-easier lemon meringue pie. You'll need to refrigerate the possets overnight.


600ml whipping cream  

150g castor sugar

100 ml lemon juice

100g mixed berries

For the meringue:

2 egg whites

100g castor sugar


1. To make the lemon pots, combine the cream and castor sugar in a saucepan and bring just to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Reduce the heat and allow to bubble gently for three minutes, stirring constantly to avoid it boiling over.

2. Remove from the heat and whisk in the lemon juice. Leave to cool for five minutes, then give it another stir, and pour into six x 125mm dessert glasses.

3. Cool completely, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 

4. To make the meringue, beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Gradually add the sugar, still beating, until thick and glossy. Spoon the meringue on top of each chilled posset, creating little peaks by drawing the spoon upwards.

5. Scatter with berries and chill until required.


Tip Brown the meringue with a blowtorch or overhead grill.