Endive salad

Simple endive salad.
Simple endive salad. Photo: William Meppem

I do like the subtle bitterness of the endive, but the endive can be replaced with butter leaf lettuce. This slightly sweet mustard dressing works a treat alongside my comte tart.


4 endives

25g dijon mustard

25g sugar

25g white wine vinegar

50ml grapeseed oil

pinch of salt and white pepper to taste

1 bunch chives, chopped


1. Pick the leaves from the endive, wash the leaves in cold water and spin or pat dry.

2. Whisk the mustard, sugar and vinegar in a mixing bowl. Slowly drizzle the oil into the dressing as you whisk to emulsify. Season with a pinch of salt and white pepper.

3. When you wish to serve the salad toss the leaves and the chopped chives in the dressing to coat the leaves evenly.

Serving suggestion: alongside Andrew's comte cheese quiche.