Fried sage leaves

Sage leaves fried in a light batter.
Sage leaves fried in a light batter. Photo: William Meppem

The perfect snack to eat with a glass of prosecco in hand. An anchovy fillet can also be pressed into each sage leaf before being battered and fried.


20 large sage leaves

vegetable or light olive oil, for frying

sea salt, to serve


200g plain flour

iced water


1. Wash and pat dry the sage leaves.

2. Pour enough vegetable oil into a pot or wok so it comes 3-4cm up the sides. Heat to 175C.

3. Make the batter by placing the flour in a medium bowl. Add enough iced water to make a thin batter, the consistency of pouring cream. Don't over-whisk it. In fact, if you can, use chopsticks to mix in the water. Some lumps are totally fine.

4. Dip the sage leaves into the batter to coat, allowing excess to drip off, then fry in batches until puffy and barely coloured. Remove with a slotted or mesh spoon and drain on a wire rack. Season with salt and serve immediately.

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