Good Food's most popular recipes 2016: Best chicken recipes, vegetarian recipes and a magical cake recipe

If you're the family cook you've no doubt got a dog-eared, grease-splattered recipe book that contains all your gems. Well here are some more to add to the collection. 

These are the chefs' recipes that most captured the attention of Good Food readers in 2016; from quick, mid-week dinner ideas such as a five-mushroom pasta, to Adam Liaw's spectacular marmalade cake (it separates into layers of sponge and custard while baking).

And while fad ingredients and diets come and go, simple chicken recipes show no sign of going out of fashion. Australians are eating an average of 43 kilograms of chicken each year, so perhaps that's not surprising. Neil Perry's Sunday night style chicken cacciatore was our most popular chicken recipe, and Perry's chilli-heavy kung pao chicken was another strong contender, showing that Australians are also acquiring a taste for super spicy food.

Magical marmalade custard cake.
Magical marmalade custard cake. Photo: William Meppem

British cook Rachel Khoo was welcomed into the Good Food fold in 2016. But it was not a French-style sweet treat that readers latched on to, but rather Khoo's one-pot, smoky chickpea and eggplant dinner.

Good vegetarian dishes are always sought-after, and may explain why Hellenic Republic's Cypriot grain salad has again been a winner at Good Food. Long-time Good Food contributor Karen Martini also had a winner with her vegetarian summer vegetable lasagne - so if you haven't already, give it a whirl in your household this week; it's a great way to kick off a summer of cooking. 

And finally, we thought we'd share one of our most popular stories of the year. Good Food's Annabel Smith spoke with megastar chef Heston Blumenthal and got his top tips for making the perfect roast potatoes. We've included a link in the gallery above (just in time for Christmas).