How to cut a mango

We have such sweet, juicy mangoes in Australia, we should be taught in school how to cut them up properly. The problem is there's a long, flat, pit inside that clings to the flesh. 

So if you missed mango class, here's how.

How to cut a mango

Jill Dupleix shares her tips for getting the flesh from a summer mango.

Hold the mango upright, and starting 1cm out from the stem, cut off the two widest cheeks. (If the knife runs into the pit, just start again a little further out.) 

Now take each cheek and use the tip of the knife to cut four or five parallel lines through the flesh lengthwise, without cutting the skin. Turn the mango and cut parallel lines cross-wise.

Flip the mango inside out and push the cubes off with your thumb or a spoon.

With the remaining sides on the mango pit, slice them off, following the curve of the pit, and peel off the skin. 

The glass trick

If you just want mango flesh for a smoothie, ice-cream or mango daiquiri, take a strong glass, and place the lip of the glass against the edge of the mango cheek and slide it down, close to the skin.

Result: mango in glass, skin in bin – and daiquiri on the way!

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