Christmas ham hacks

Jill Dupleix's spaghetti hamonara.
Jill Dupleix's spaghetti hamonara. Photo: Nine

A great way to use up leftover Christmas ham is to pile it into crisp golden toasties, oozing with cheese and hot with mustard.

You can also just slice the ham and sizzle it in a hot pan and serve it with fried eggs and peas.

Or cut it into matchsticks and toss it through a crisp, tangy coleslaw of purple cabbage, carrot and pickles – because we'll be needing a salad after Christmas.

Christmas leftovers: Hamonara

Jill Dupleix and Brooke Boney turn leftover Christmas ham into carbonara pasta.

But my best leftover ham hack is this, because who doesn't love spaghetti carbonara? Swap out the bacon for Christmas ham and you have a beautiful spaghetti hamonara (see video above).